Boost your employee!

Plan activities for a year and watch the results!

This game gives you an opportunity to try out the employee learning and development process. Select learning activities and monitor the employee’s performance progress. Sign up. Build up a team or join an existing one. Select the employee to develop. Fill in the calendar and find out the result! Good luck!

  • During the game you will receive a number of tasks to prepare the employee learning and development program. Schedule activities for a year and click the “Live a year” button.
  • The computer program will estimate your choice implications.
  • A team that gained the highest knowledge and skills growth scores at the lowest cost (i.e. the best ROI) will win.

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Open game

An open game allows developing a training plan based on the set-up parameters. The game is workable for both individual trainings on blended learning programs development principles and classroom group trainings.

In the open game you can:

  • Select a trainee type – they have different skills and knowledge,
  • Have a full range of learning activities to draw up a training plan,
  • Evaluate learning programs efficiency by six KPIs: ROI, cost efficiency, motivation, product expertise, communication skills, and sales technique,
  • Benchmark the game participants’ scores against the KPIs.

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